Gillikin & Associates, Inc.
  • Data is driving transformation in healthcare.

    Can you keep up?

    Our industry remains a decade or more behind retail and manufacturing. But times are changing.
    Are you prepared for the new world of connected devices, data lakes, unstructured data and interconnected EMRs?
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  • Managing populations means
    ​you don't wait until people fall off the cliff.

    Use robust data sources and analytic techniques to highlight—and then to mitigate—rising clinical risk among the people you serve.
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  • Align your culture.

    Conflicting value propositions and a struggle for increasingly scarce resources means health quality professionals face increasingly complex challenges.

    Nurture a robust culture of quality to ensure that the entire team rows in the same direction and is resourced and structured to thrive.
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Our industry is changing. 

Seasoned healthcare leaders understand that our industry is under pressure from payers demanding value, consumers seeking safe and effective care, and regulators demanding better coordination across the continuum of care. The role of the Quality professional—always a grab-bag of accountabilities—evolves with shifting stakeholder demands and systemic pressures. Over the last two generations, the profession of healthcare quality experienced several paradigm changes, including the evolving train of initialisms: UR to UM to QA to QI to Triple Aim to Value to OpX and beyond. Meanwhile, costs skyrocket, satisfaction declines and incentives drift ever further out of alignment.

Quality is a superpower. We can help your organization harness the Power of Quality more effectively.

Jason E. Gillikin, CPHQ

With nearly 20 years in the healthcare industry—including experience in managed care, acute hospitals and large multi-specialty physician groups—Gillikin is an experienced Quality leader who can help your organization achieve real value.

Health Analytics

Stage and use the data you have to drive significant improvements in cost, quality and access. Apply sophisticated modeling techniques to better understand your value proposition.

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Population Health

Drive satisfaction, value and outcomes by integrating social-determinant data. Identify opportunities and communication strategies to help your people stay off the health cliff.

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Quality Culture

The right structures, skills and values help an organization's Quality team to thrive.  A well-functioning Quality team is essential to your success—but an often neglected asset.

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